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Personality Intelligence

"Paula is a coach for Springboard Forward and she was chosen because of her depth of experience, her ability to engage with a diverse range of clients, and her passion for teaching and guiding others."

Mark Guterman
Career Consultant/Lead Coach and Trainer for Springboard Forward

Combining Personality & Cultural Intelligences

One of the biggest benefits I received from talking with Paula (who is an expert in personality type and cultural competency) is realizing who I really am, and the way I feel or how I deal with things is derived from my cultural background and personality. Her advice is always customized to my needs and the situation I'm in.

Helen Chung Medeiros
Project Management Coordinator

Cultural Intelligence

Paula and I discuss the American and Vietnamese cultures all the time. I have helped her clients understand the Vietnamese way of doing business. She has helped me with seeing the value that our culture brings to a team or organization.

Minh D. Nguyen
Acanthus Architecture and Design

Team Intelligence

Paula has helped my team better understand themselves and appreciate others. This has had a direct impact in better teamwork and project results. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) key elements helps me as the Manager/Coach more effectively as well.

Amari Romero-Thomas
Senior Vice President
United Way Silicon Valley

We provide training, coaching, and consulting services, which address these issues on the "interpersonal side" of business. We work with individuals, teams, and couples to resolve the problems in their communication and interaction with others.

Our Process

We work with you - selecting the right type of "intelligence" that can unravel the complexities of your situation. Each of these "intelligences" can appreciably enhance your competitive edge in the interpersonal arena. With this, a Customized Strategy is created for you for your long term success.

As marketing experts always say, the factor of "likeability" is number one in any buying decision. This work creates a more profound sense of your likeability - showcasing your strengths.

  1. Personality Intelligence
    This type of "intelligence" reflects the deep understanding of one's personality type - from which we can best manage the impact of our style on others. We use a model that offers a universal framework to help us analyze our style + the needs of people who have a different style. You can begin to interact more appropriately and strategically with others. A Customized Personality Profile is prepared for you - to be able to analyze your own style - meaning what is working for you - and what is not working. You will have both a strategy and individual behaviors that will enhance your success with others.
  2. Generational Intelligence
    There are 4 different generations working together in today's workplace - each with different behaviors and values. This type of intelligence provides insights into these generational challenges. With generational differences identified, the discussion of the differences is facilitated in a positive and constructive manner. Furthermore, it offers individuals and teams a way to identify and leverage those differences among one another.
  3. Cultural Intelligence
    This is an emerging field addressing how each culture of origin shapes peoples' behavior. Given that so many teams are multi-cultural, this becomes a "competitive advantage" to know how the cultural values shape behavior of the people on the team. This in turn can provide powerful insights - giving all of us the tools to understand why people behave the way that they do. This intelligence lends itself to managing cultural differences most appropriately for the people involved - and most strategically for the business involved. It can facilitate learning new approaches - based on culture of origin - in all types of work and social interactions. This type of intelligence can educate people, and expand their bandwidth for those from other cultural traditions. Different cultures offer new ways to serve customers and solve problems. Ultimately, it opens up doors for new client relationships.
  4. Team Intelligence
    "How teams behave and perform," reflects a huge body of research and practical "intelligence." Best selling author Patrick Lencioni says that the highest performing teams know one another's strengths - as well as their vulnerabilities. We approach team building with this principle in mind - identifying the strengths, and the areas of challenge and future development. This is the best strategy to unleash peoples' talents and energies.

Managing Obstacles to Productivity: We use any or all of these 4 sets of intelligence - to directly resolve your issues and concerns, as well as build your productivity. IA uses formal/researched assessment tools.